In our companies, we always care about providing very humble, Honest and friendly service to our valuable customers.

Towards success through Credits and Investments from us.

Majorly we provide short-term loans and Investments to small businesses and persons who are expected to expand the business or start a new business and day to day business activities.

High Quality, Durable, Environment friendly Constructions.

Our company maintains a good Quality Control Procedure to ensure the high quality and its Durability. We also care about energy efficiency and environment- friendly construction procedures.

About us

Vurs J starts the business as a wholesaler, and year 2017 Vurs J register the first business as a small loan providing Limited liability company named Vurs J Credit (Pvt) Ltd. Vurs J Credit (Pvt) Ltd especially registers for the purpose of providing loans to the people who need a loan for improving their existing business or start a new business. In year 2017 Vurs J expand the business to the field of Civil Construction and registers the second company named Vurs J Engineering (Pvt) Ltd as a Government and private contractor certified by CIDA.

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